For most people pain is a symptom that develops from an underlying injury. In most circumstances pain often improves and resolves overtime. Pain that manifest beyond three months is when the symptom becomes a disease. Chronic pain is more common than cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer in the United States of America. This puts a significant burden on the healthcare system.

"It’s important to identify those who are suffering from chronic pain states and to deliver research studied and the most advanced therapies to alleviate any undue suffering with empathy."

-Dr. Tolga Suvar

Meet Dr. Tolga Suvar

Dr. Tolga Suvar believes there’s a standard to delivering care to patients by physicians who are fellowship trained by the accredited counsel for graduate medical education. These positions are held to high standards and develop a knowledge base with the highest quality among other providers. It is important to find a qualified pain physician who is an expert in the field that suits the needs of the patient. I believe this important and intimate relationship developed by the patient and the physician is the most important

Dr. Suvar has found that there’s a multitude of gratification awarded through the practice of anesthesiology, such as clearly-defined, tangible end goals in the acute setting as well as the clarity and connection developed with patients.

It is not often that most physicians find the niche that embodies every characteristic that will enable them to highlight their strengths for their future practice. Through the practice of pain medicine, Dr. Suvar is able to curate his style and develop a personality within the scope of this specialty. 

Interning at University of Arkansas for Medical Science has allowed Dr. Suvar to tailor his career and further gain a deeper understanding of the interventional practices that can be integrated to the patient’s treatment plan. Dr. Suvar is always challenging himself to improve and the quality of his training, depth and breadth of experiences, as well as the volume of interventional procedures is the key to Dr. Suvar's professional background.

Dr. Suvar takes pride with being detailed-oriented and is always furthering his education in anesthesiology. It’s what drives him to become a skillful clinician and knowledgable consultant throughout the practice of interventional medicine. Dr. Suvar greatly appreciates the connections he develops with his patients, not only does it establish trust but it helps provide the best outcome in procedures and treatment plans. He listens to his patient’s needs and believes it’s important to provide education in pain management to his patients to promote longevity and healthy habits.

Born in Queens, and raised in New York, Dr. Suvar has trained in the discipline of anesthesiology with a focus in interventional pain management. He completed his residency in Little Rock, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and advanced his training in Interventional Pain Management in Chicago, at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Suvar is double board-certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine.

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